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It’s ok to go dark sometimes…it’s totally ok to NOT BE OK right now.

Say this sometimes to yourself, it can be helpful.


I took a class recently – on Mindful Self-Compassion and there’s a theory about self-compassion being composed of 3 basic things – mindfulness, self-kindness and common humanity. I took this class with the amazing Dr.Heidi Walk and it uses the Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook. I’ll break down the 3 parts, if you’re new to this theory. 


So be “NOT OK” and give yourself a fucking hug. Tell yourself what a friend would tell you. Pretend you live on another planet (which would actually be really cool right now, you wouldn’t have to deal with any of this craziness, there’s no COVID-19 on Mars…or isssss there? Ok sorry…so you’re on Mars and your friend calls you and says, listen to what happened on earth today. Would you believe it? Would you feel like you were listening to a movie plot? Maybe, but either way bet you wouldn’t be so hard on your friend about their insecurities around their future and the world’s future. So try being kind to yourself when you’re not ok..try being a good friend to yourself. 


Today I was watching Clone Wars with my son…it’s a Star Wars spin-off, it’s on Disney, maybe not entirely age-appropriate but seriously, if you judge me on that you’re missing the whole point here, anyway….in the intro of the episode we were watching, it talks about how the Jedi have been sent to live far below the surface, cause of some Dark force guy and the similarity to our actual world…well that thought alone sent me into dark mode. You know, shaky feel, heart flutters..uncertainty at the end of every thought. But about halfway down the scary rabbit hole, I pulled myself out and that there, folks is mindfulness…being aware of the moment you’re in. Just the moment…catching yourself in your negative thought patterns. 

Common Humanity:

Maybe some of the people in your life will go dark too…let them have their space. Don’t let anyone go dark for too long though, have an accountability partner.

If you live alone…have an accountability partner.

If you live with people but feel like you live alone….have an accountability partner.

If you live with people who you like 90% of the time (be grateful) and also have a damn accountability partner.

You get the point?

So here’s what I suggest on how we’re going to be a #COVID19Jedi and not let the dark force win. 

Be mindful of when you go dark. Be kind to yourself in that moment and then find a fellow Jedi and be stronger together…be accountable for someone and to someone. 

One day at a time people….one moment…through each step of darkness, we’ll rise to be Guardians of Justice and Peace in the Universe, for people and especially for the Universe.

ps. Just so you know I’m not some huge Star Wars fan…don’t get me wrong I like it and all, but seriously who hasn’t wanted to be some form of a Jedi at some point in their life? Look up the definition of Jedi on google…the second part of the first sentence and then go find your inner Jedi, especially when the dark is lurking around any corner. 


Nikki is the owner/director of Seasons Family Centre. She completed a diploma in photography at Fanshawe College, followed by a degree in psychology at the University of Western Ontario. Shortly after she finished a post-graduate diploma at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. She is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist. Over the next few years she extended her education through various courses in psychology, counselling and play therapy at George Brown College, Hincks Delcrest and Cross Country Education. For the past several years Nikki has been running art programs all across the city of Toronto at various schools, community centres, libraries and private homes. She also runs play therapy groups at Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Offices as well as private art therapy sessions. Nikki has taken several courses in baking and cake decorating through the Wilton certification program.

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